Letter from BFRV Run Organizer

May 29, 2012

Dear Running Bloggers,

We would want to apologize to any confusion between BFRV Run United and Unilab Run United Series. BFRV Run United is in no way related with Unilab Run United. It was not our intention to mislead or malign anyone as we only want to promote running in our community which is composed of 50 sectors; thus the title BFRV Run United. We were inspired of how Unilab was able to unify different sporting discipline like running, swimming and biking to promote the active life style. We at God’s wind events share the same passion and advocacy. We want to thank Unilab for understanding our position and we hope they continue inspiring people to live an active lifestyle. We at GWE http://gwerun.com/events/bf-run-united-6-9-2012/ support Unilab Run United Series. Thank you and God’s wind.

Thanks and God bless,

God’s Wind Events / Team Reebok


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