Enduro Pilipinas 2013


Over the past couple of years, this question has been asked incessantly. Not because ENDURO racing has had adifficult time introducing itself to the world, no. It comes more from the fact that ENDURO RACING is a fast, if not the fastest, growing riding format all over the world. So what is it exactly? What does it mean and how does it differ from the different bike racing or biking (in general) formats out there? Enduro started much like mountain biking itself – it filled a new, emerging need for bike riders. Mountain bike racing has always highlighted the extremes of the sport – on one side of the spectrum you had the uber fit, extremely technical and blindingly fast Downhill Racing where bikes were very burly, heavy and sturdy. Riders are set to go as fast as they could while tackling some of the fastest and roughest trails known to man – normally taking several kilometers in four to five minutes.

Race/Event Date:  Saturday,April 27, 2013/ Sunday, May 26

Location: Baguio/Albay

Race Types and Registration Fees:

35K –P450

Registration Venues:


  • Grantrails Cycles
  • Papi’s Ride Bike Shop
  •  Mt Marauder’s Bike Shop


  •  Behind Bars Bike Shop
  • Glow Bike Shop
  •  Explore Bike Shop.

For more details, visit https://www.facebook.com/TheEnduroNetwork


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