Marathon Training – Running Tips and Top Ten Secrets to Start Running and Train For a Marathon!

This article shares the insider secrets and tips how as a first timer, training for my 1st marathon helped me Feel Good, Lose Weight and achieve optimum health and fitness. Running using the running easy approach has given me a zest for life and an enthusiasm to embrace a healthy lifestyle. I started as an absolute beginner with no previous running experience and went from completing my very first marathon to completing multiple marathons and ultra marathons using the running easy approach. The endorphin lift running gives you is simply poetry in motion. No need to head for any “feel good” pills.

By Nicola Blewett

I’d love to share my secret with you! My husband convinced me to run a marathon and I’ve never looked back. Running has given me a zest for life and an enthusiasm to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The endorphin lift running gives you is simply poetry in motion. No need to head for any “feel good” pills.
I have just last month successfully completed my third Comrades marathon a 56 mile(89km) marathon. Yes its more than double the distance of a standard marathon and known as “the ultimate human race” but I entered the stadium smiling, feeling on top of the world!
Coming from someone who was never an athlete at school and only picked up jogging as a hobby and never considered myself jogging anything further than 3 miles tops, this is quite an achievement well within everyones reach. Most humans go through life not realizing how powerful their minds and bodies are once you decide to actually use them for what they are designed to do!

Here are the top 10 tips why Running is good for you, allows you to enjoy multiple benfits and why as a first timer its worth running and following a Marathon schedule so you can successfully complete and train for a half or full marathon

1.Running controls your metabolism, so even when you do enjoy snacking on the odd takeaway or sweet delicacies, it simply becomes fuel for your body to burn when you head out for a run.
2. Running hugely increases your Brain Power and boosts your energy levels allowing you to live life to the full!
3. Running allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of fresh air, beauty of nature, new smells, new scenery and new seasons.
4. Enjoy awesome sunrises and sunsets as you head out for an early morning or late evening run.
5. Feel all your worries for the day simply melt away as you head out for a run.
6. Running boosts your immune system and a fitter, healthier body helps keep all the nasty infectious germs we are in contact with daily at bay
7. Running helps you say no to that extra slice of chocolate cake or serving of pudding as you start feeling good about the new, fitter and slimmer you
8. Watch inches fall off and your body start toning into shape as you train for your first marathon or half marathon.
9.Enjoy the comments from your friends when they tell you, you do look years younger!
10.The exhilaration of completing your very 1st marathon makes the achievement of all goals seem within reach, as you realize what amazing things are possible when you put your mind to it!

Why train for a marathon or half marathon, why not simply start exercising?
Human beings sadly don’t keep goals without a program or schedule. When you set a goal to run a marathon or half marathon at a specified date. Have a successful marathon training schedule to follow, even better convince a friend to join you. Share the news with everyone. There is simply no looking back! The secret is training for your 1st marathon with the “running easy”, “without a watch” running philosophy. It’s what’s helped us complete many marathons and ultra marathons with a smile.

Why I support running a marathon and not simply going to gym.
There’s nothing quite like fresh air to boost your zest for life. It’s cheaper and more sustainable than gym contracts and you can take your training schedule with you anywhere you go in the world. Simply put on your shoes wherever you are; mountains, city or sea and head out. My husband and I have enjoyed runs in the most amazing and remote places in the world. There’s nothing quite like getting the feel of a new holiday destination than exploring it on foot.

Do it for your kids!
We need to also do it for our kids. Our kids are losing it in today’s society and by setting an example of great achievements with joy and hard work, they will want to follow your example too.

Source:Nicky Blewett

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