Mission: EO 255 Fun Run

Mission: EO 255 Fun Run on May 18, 2014 at Greenhills, San Juan


Dubbed “Mission: EO 255”, the event aims to raise awareness of and encourage the radio stations’ full adherence to the above-mentioned Executive Order, issued by former Pres. Corazon Aquino in 1987, requiring all radio stations with musical format programs to broadcast a minimum of four (4) original Pilipino musical compositions in every clock hour.

“OPM aims to ensure the growth of the local music industry; thus, it is very important that all radio stations implement EO 255,” said OPM President Ogie Alcasid. Furthermore, “Not only are we launching the campaign to remind radio stations – and a big thank you to those who do implement EO 255 – but also to let the public know that they can expect a minimum of four OPM songs to be played per hour on all radio channels so as to make the implementation of EO 255 participative.”

The campaign run is also a unity run for the Filipino artists’ rights and welfare.

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